domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2009

Un ejemplo de ruta marcada obligatoria al triangulo.

miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

First map is ready to use

For two last months I have been to Northern Catalonia for making map for the French and Catalan orienteering federations. The reason for making these maps is that they are of the same type of terrain that exists in Scandinavia.
The altitude of the region (from 1700 above sea level) is determining the weather conditions and due to the Scandinavian weather conditions (coldness and humidity) the vegetation is Scandinavian-like.
I also tried to do Scandinavian-like map, which means that all the stones mapped are higher than 1.5 meters, cliffs on the map are big ones and not all the narrow paths and rides (forest tractor track) are mapped. There are more than enough places for the control points on the map anyway. The first map is called La Quillane and it consists of very different types of forest. We will have some rocky / granite terrain, depression terrain, big slopes and also flat land with or without marshlands. The granite boulders on the terrain are sometimes difficult to determine if they should be drawn as brown knolls or normal stones. From one side it is like stone and from the other side like knoll. For the knoll the height limit used is 1 meter. Anyway at least for Catalan Orienteers that is not any problem because they don´t navigate with point objects, they use more forms of the terrain and other lineal objects.

The weather during the mapping varied a lot. I had some sunny days with +20C, more rainy days and a big snow storm. The lowest temperature the cars thermometer showed was -8C when finishing the working day after the sun had set and darkness had fallen.

For a week there was half meter of snow in Font-Romeu but it didn´t disturb my work too much, only made it a little slower. With the snow, sun and pine trees I often had sensation being at home in Joensuu where at spring I skied normally 60 km a day when I was training well. After the snow had melted I had to put some paths to the map that I hadn´t seen yet.
I had lot of animal friends in the forest: cows, horses, donkey, foxes, hunting dogs, deers.
This dog I found from the forest and brought it back to the village.

This horse wanted to follow me.

We will see when the map is used for first time for orienteering competition.